Saturday, January 7, 2012

As my grandsons would say, Slug Bug.

Hi !When my grandsons see a VW bug, they say slug bug and then give a slug punch to one another.   
This is a Anniversary card for one of my sisters and her husband. I will stamp Happy Anniversary on the inside of the card.  I know this is an older stamp set and die but its new to me so I am going to use it a lot. As you can see I did not use my paisley stamp:) I bought a new background stamp. 
I am finally building up my PTI inks and it's so fun for me to use matching paper and inks. 
Everything is Papertrey Ink but the background stamp, its Stampabilities Tapestry Pattern. 
Ok, now I have to stop procrastinating and take down  the two Christmas trees, everything else is put away.
Enjoy you weekend!


  1. Slug bug...I love it! This is a wonderful card Marybeth. Love your pretty new background and your new PTI goodies. I just took my tree down yesterday ;)

  2. I love your card Marybeth. It's beautiful. I have that set in my shopping cart for someday. ;)

  3. Lovely card Marybeth, the colour scheme is awesome. I love that background. The outdoor lights came down and were put away today so Christmas is now completely put to bed until next year.

  4. So glad you ended up getting that set. You will have fun with it. That car is so cute. I love what you have done with it. What a great anniversary card. My girls say 'punch buggy' and try to hit each other when they see a VW!

  5. Sweet card. Love all the elements of this set. Great color combinations too.

  6. So adorable!!
    And just so you know...
    they are slug bug's and the first one to spot one does get to slug their neighbor...
    but just in the arm...
    done it my whole life!
    Though my kids never seem to appreciate it...
    Love the colors you used...
    and there's nothing wrong with paisley! :)

  7. Great card Marybeth! Love the punch bug!! We do that too!! I finished taking Christmas down yesterday too! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. This is beautiful and I am a big fan of aqua and red!

    Slug bug...that's a new approach huh or I am just OLD! :-) Cute!


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