Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The 12 Kits of Hanukkah

We interrupt your regularly scheduled ’12 Kits of
Christmas ‘ to bring you a new program:
’The 12 kits of Christmas and the 1 Kit of Chanukah’ 
That is what Joyce put in the letter she sent with her kit.
Too cute!
This is the beautiful Kit Joyce sent us.
  This is the beautiful photo Kara took 
These cards made themselves 
I have to say I love how this one turned out.
My little treat boxes , aren't they so cute!
I really enjoyed making Chanukah cards and treat boxes.
Love this Kit!
Hi, if this is your first time to see the 12 Kits of Christmas, welcome and please go Here for more info . This was such a fun kit from Joyce: Cards-by-the-Sea.  Hanukkah is also spelled Chanukah. In 2012 Chanukah starts the evening of Saturday, December 8th and ends the evening of Saturday December 16th.  Please stop by the rest of the group and see what they've made with their kit. 
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  1. Your projects are all fantastic. I love how that triangular favor box looks with those matching stamps. I didn't get that one. You did such a great job with your cards--I especially love how you incorporated the tags and the background papers.

  2. Hi Marybeth! I love your projects - the second card with all the yellow especially! I love the tag with the Menorah - and the contrast of yellow and blue. I like how you added the touch of gold with the eyelash yarn, and that triangle box is the sweetest! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Marybeth...
    another kit rocked!!
    These are gorgeous...
    that yellow bow...
    It's stunning!
    And how you added the eyelash ribbon...
    it's the perfect finishing touch!
    But now I have to say I may need that triangle gift box...
    how utterly adorable!
    Couldn't you see these hanging on an advent tree with treats for the kiddies?
    My mind is working...*giggle*
    All of these are just fabulous...
    love them all!! :)

  4. Marybeth, these are awesome, fabulous and gorgeous!! The color combo is perfect.

  5. I my GOODNESS Marybeth...I couldn't pick a favorite here if I tried! These are all STELLAR!

  6. First off, your photography is fabulous on this, especially the last pic with everything all lined up. I LOVE how you used that great sparkly trim, I have some of it saved and I don't know if I can bring myself to use it! I also love that you made a triangle box, so cute! You really outdid yourself this month Marybeth, I loved them all.

  7. Hi Marybeth I am well thankyou I hope you are too!!
    I love your kit the colours really stand out on your projects, you have been very busy x

  8. So Joyce sent out two kits with self assembling how yours turned out and so happy that she did not have both of our kits make the same cards (but that would have been pretty funny, right). Everything you made is so fun and festive and ready for the holiday season on December 8th. The way you lit the candles, so clever and festive. I love it all!

  9. Marybeth your creations are beyond gorgeous! Joyce created such a fantastic kit and I love how she changed it up. Your favor box is so darn cute. You rocked this kit.

  10. All these cards made me smile, they are so cheerful and fun! My favourite is the little gift box!

  11. Your projects are all very beautiful and elegant. Thanks for your sweet word on my blog ;O)

  12. I just loved all your goodies and your creativity! You are so ready for December.

  13. Lovely projects Marybeth! That triangle favor box is just too adorable! And I love how you added that tinsel trim to some of your projects:) TFS!

  14. Marybeth, you really did wonderful things with the kit. Your projects are all so gorgeous! Love the tags on your cards and that sparkly trim. That adds such a festive touch! Love your little boxes! I have Trilogy Triangles but never ordered the box. Yours is so adorable! I may need to reconsider. And this was a really amazingly easy kit to work with and so much fun! All your projects are fabulous!!

  15. All of your projects are just GORGEOUS!! WOW!
    It looks like Joyce sent some fabulous goodies to work with! How fun!
    I love what you've created!!

  16. Awesome projects! I love your little favor it box. I'll definitely be making one of those !!

  17. WOW Marybeth!! Your projects are awesome! Joyce's kit is really cool too!!

  18. Marybeth - I love all your projects! Love the tags on your cards and all the gorgeous details! That little box is adorable!

  19. What a fun group, and what a super collection of cards you have now! So fun to see what everyone else makes. Well done, Marybeth!

  20. WOW!!! So first of all, why didn't I think of using my triangle treat box?! I have one (never been used) and you made the right decision...I love how the little banner comes out looking like the hershey kiss banner does :) Then the tinsel you added to the tag, that was such a great idea, it looks so festive. Your treat bag looks awesome too :)

  21. Marybeth! You outdid yourself! Wow.....I just don't know where to start! LOL The triangular treat box is a FABULOUS addition to this kit! I think what I am drawn to the most is how you've tied all your ribbons! Perfection!

  22. These projects are incredible, Marybeth! You used the papers beautifully on your cards, and I especially love the layers on the second one. But I think my favorite thing is that sweet little triangular treat box! How cute!

  23. I love the second one too! But they're all perfect, Marybeth. I love how you used the tinsel ribbon and the triangle box is adorable!

  24. Marybeth EVERYTHING is FABULOUS! you did a GREAT job with the kit! I love how you girls switched it up this month! How FUN!!
    Have a GREAT day!!


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