Thursday, March 21, 2013

Egg Basket and World Down Syndrome Day

Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) is a chromosomal abnormality where a child is born with three copies of the 21st chromosome 
So that is why 3/21 is World Down Syndrome Day!

This is for you Delaney Beth! You are a Wonderful Blessing!

I wanted to make a card using this Egg Basket  at first I had a hard time because I did not have much to go with it. My husband informed me he did not like this first one in blue. I only listened to him because I was not too crazy about how it turned out either. So I tried again and I like the one I came up with next. 

I added the Blessing stamp from Serendipity Stamps as it seemed to fit, If you have a basket full of eggs that would be a blessing ! Someday I would love to walk out into my own yard and get eggs.
I wanted to post this earlier today …. just too busy!
Thanks for stoping by!

Papertrey Ink chicken wire impression plate
and tremendous tags.


  1. I love them both...
    but I will agree that the red gingham is my favorite...
    it just says "eggs!" :)
    And I love that egg basket...
    it goes so perfectly with that chicken wire background...
    it's perfect!!
    And if you want to walk out the door and gather eggs...
    you really ARE a country girl...
    but this one would never do it...
    those chickens'll chase ya!
    And Delaney...
    well you know what I think.
    God blesses some in incredible ways...
    I think we're some of the lucky ones. :)

  2. I love both of your cards for different reasons , I love the background on the second card especially x

  3. What a great post! I love both of your cards but am partial to the red one:) God bless you family and how unique everyone is! Have a great weekend!

  4. I agree with Renee. They are both great. I like the doily on the blue one, but eggs and gingham really go so well together.

  5. I agree with everyone else--both cards are really fantastic. That egg basket is so cute, and you used it beautifully. Your granddaughter is so adorable, and is perfect in every way. That is a wonderful picture of her--I can see her happy and playful nature in her expression.

  6. They're both pretty but I agree, the second is my fav! The chicken wire embossing and the red gingham paper are PERFECT with the cute egg basket.

    Delaney Beth is as cute as can be...what a sweet little pumpkin! I love her smile!!

  7. wonderful post!! great cards too:)

  8. Great post! I am partial to the second one as well. Gingham and eggs go together perfectly! I love the chicken wire embossing in the background too! Need that. We have about 23 chickens in our backyard and there is nothing like fresh eggs. We are overwhelmed with eggs right now. Going to bring some to give away at church on Sunday.

    Delaney Beth is the cutest! Thanks for sharing her picture!

  9. Delaney Beth is adorable! LOVE both cards but I agree the red is my FAV! LOVE the egg basket and the embossed background!

  10. I didn't know the 21st was World Down Syndrome Day, but I'll remember forever now! Super cute Delaney Beth. ;-)

    I like both of your cards, but I do like the red one a tiny bit more. Fantastic job on them both!

    Thanks so much for your well wishes on my blog today. ;-)

  11. Both cards are wonderful, but I do love the gingham print and the chicken wire with the basket of eggs. Delaney is adorable!!

  12. Both are wonderful but I agree about the second one! The chicken wire and gingham go perfectly with the wire egg basket--very country!! I'm so glad you included the photo of Delaney. She is such a cutie--love her big smile!!

  13. OK, now how adorable is Delaney Beth?!? Good thing your cards are almost as cute! The gingham, the chicken wire embossing, the fiber, the eggs ... yep, it all adds up to classic country! The colors keep it nice and fresh.

  14. Adorable girl, Beautiful post, Fabulous cards!
    Hugs, Karin

    ps. Glad to hear my package made it over the ocean so quickly!

  15. Well, I like both cards. The flower on the first one kind of looks a bit like a fried egg-which I thought was a super cute coincidence. I also love the addition of the mini polka dots on the second card. It really adds a unique feel and at first I thought it was a pp cut-out. A very cool look!

  16. Oh, I love the red the best too! It makes me think of a farmhouse table cloth! Isn't Delaney Beth the prettiest little girl! That smile! What a joy!

  17. You did an amazing job with this stamp! I didn't see it for all it's potential - you made it absolutely gorgeous - and I'm going to have to disagree with you and your hubby - I LOVE the blue one! I think of country with the red gingham and rustic twine, but you made the eggs look elegant with the blue and yellow highlights. Both are beautiful

  18. I am so woefully behind in my Reader and trying to catch up...3/21...forever ago!

    Marybeth, Delaney looks like a perfect ray of sunshine! I love how radiant she looks in that adorable flowered suit. Your cards are so sweet - I love the country theme!


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