Monday, June 17, 2013

Waltzingmouse June Blog Hop

Welcome to the June Waltzingmouse Blog Party!

Sorry! I have to add one more picture of the newly engaged couple
They both graduated same day different colleges, We are so proud of them.
I have to admit , it hit me hard last nigh…..t when Richard left to go home to his new
apartment….. that he does not live here anymore. I am so proud and happy for him... but I am a mess.
I know it will pass like it did with my girls , but he was my last child. What a blessing ! 

  I have so many ideas for this wonderful set , just couldn't get them out on paper today!

 Well, I think summertime and 4th of July just go hand and hand here in America! What could be more summer than that! I used some Spellbinder dies and  Verve stars. I heat embossed those amazing fireworks using Stampendous Stamp n Stuff Kaleidoscope.( it's clear and just takes on whatever color paper you stamped on) I have no idea if its old or new. I hope to make another 
card using this stamp. We were married June 19 of the bicentennial year, America will be 237 years old, this July! 


  1. Love the way you positioned the die cut framings on this Marybeth - the fireworks look wonderful with the banner sentiment -

    and what a handsome couple your son and his fiance - congratulations to them both! it's hard when they move out - then very quickly you wonder how you managed when they were around cluttering up the house!

  2. Brilliant, Marybeth. I love the way you layered your spellbinder frame openings. and the sparkly goodness of your fireworks.

    I have been where you are...learning to adjust to a different phase of life, especially where your children are involved, isn't easy, but it does get easier with time, doesn't it. We work hard to make sure our kids are ready for independence, but no one every prepared the parents!

    Your photo looks like a stock photo using two models. What a great looking couple.

  3. Wow! Love the double frame and the embossingpowder you used, it's beautiful and glittery. :-)
    In the Netherlands we've got a saying when parents (read 'MOTHERS')miss having the children live in their elderly home.
    We call it 'the empty nest syndrome'. sigh, I guess I'll probably experience the same feeling within a few years time...
    Congrats too!
    It's such a unique experience to have children graduating and I can relate to you feeling soooo very proud of them!
    Don't forget to celebrate! :-)
    Bye from the Netherlands,


  4. Your card looks like a celebration Marybeth - and you have so many things to celebrate - your sons engagement - and what a great job raising him. So bittersweet but wow! you have to be proud!!

  5. Oh Marybeth, I can only imagine how you feel. Your card is gorgeous gorgeous, I love how the fireworks are coming out of the stars and that is some cool embossing powder. our son is a handsome young man and what a beautiful couple they are! Congratulations Mama. I will need a hand to hold on to myself when my son leaves home in August for University.

  6. GREAT card Marybeth , so festive!! I love the way the banner seems to flow right into the label frame and become part of it.

    OOoooh I feel for you. When we dropped our son off at college I thought my heart would break in two. Then when he got married and was really out of our home, it was SO hard. They're such a cute couple. God will get you through it and I have a shoulder or two if you need them ;)

  7. One...
    what a gorgeous couple!
    I know you are so happy right now...
    even though it means the baby is leaving and starting out on his own...
    you're gaining a new daughter soon...
    and maybe even some more little's to love! :)
    And I love your card...
    those fireworks in that die cut...
    the colors...
    and that incredible banner...
    simply gorgeous!! :)

  8. This is so nicely done as is all your work. Sorry to hear you are feeling sad.
    DIANA L.

  9. Oh Marybeth...I totally know how you feel, even though it is the way it is supposed to be, the way you had hoped Richard's life would turn out, it doesn't make it hurt any less! I love your beautiful and sparkly card, especially the way you have framed it all with the different die cuts and the banner. This is a really great card!

  10. What a wonderful card. I love this set and what you have done with it. I can see why you would be sad--your baby is all grown up now. But, he sounds like a wonderful young man--you have every reason to be proud.

  11. Great card!! So happy for the young couple. I wish them the best!!

  12. What a lovely couple! Congratulations, but oh growing up is painful for parents! Your card is so festive and I love that embossing powder you used.

  13. Marybeth, you should be so proud! The newly engaged couple look so happy too. Your card is stunning and love those fireworks, so much sparkle. What embossing powder did you use? It looks amazing.

  14. love, love, love, how you framed the fireworks

  15. LOVE the fire works BG with those stars in the cut out! FAB card, Marybeth!

  16. What a fab sparkly creation Marybeth and how fantastic you might have a future family member getting the job of the century! Hope you're not too sad about your 'empty nest' - you should use it as an excuse to make more cards and call it therapy!

  17. Love how you framed the fireworks and that you included them in the stars. Creative and clever!! Congrats on your son's engagement!!

  18. Perfect sketch and amazing card !!! Beautiful stars ..I love stars ;)

  19. Love the heat embossed on your fireworks, great touch! Happy Anniversary! I hope you feel better soon.

  20. Awwww, CONGRATS to the young'uns on their graduations! Love the pic. ;-) ((HUGS)) to you for dealing with life changes!!

    And your card is fabulous, too. I love the fireworks in the background and the way you have the colors arranged. Great job!

  21. Wonderful, sparkly, card--I love the way you did the fireworks and the way you die cut the frame! And congrats on your son's engagement!

    Chris L.

  22. it sparkles from the card and a lovely design Mary beth.
    hugs to you.

  23. Oh Marybeth, I dread the days when my wee folks move out, but they do look like a lovely couple and so long as they keep coming back it'll be ok, right? hugs to you missy. I loved how you framed the fireworks also, i like that idea very much, the sparkles are perfect for this!! Thank you so much for playing along with us!

  24. Fabulous photo-congrats to both of them! Your card is so festive--love the framed fireworks! Making the sparkly bursts as the background to the stars and sentiment looks great!

  25. Your summertime fireworks look just fabulous. I do like the "stitched" detail around the border.

    And the photo of your "baby" and his fiancee is super. I hope you feel better soon. I have to admit that I don't know how I'll feel when it's time for my "baby" to leave. Hugs xx

  26. Love your card, Marybeth! The night sky scene looks So Beautiful!! I've never realised how hard it is for parents to let go of their children. I left home at 17 to study abroad and I never gave it much thought how my mum would have felt. Thanks for your sharing, and Congrats to your son! Take care!!

  27. Love the glitter in your card.
    Don't be sad - time heels wounds and soon you will be very happy, that you gained another a daughter.

  28. What a perfect card to celebrate summer and the 4th! The embossed fireworks look incredible! Congrats to your new grad and his fiancee. There are lots of happy times to come, and I hope you'll start feeling better soon so you can just enjoy it!

  29. Ahhh, for me's one of those I'm ready for them to move out but, when they do miss them terribly!! Lovely couple and great pic!! Love the sparkly embossed fireworks and use of dies!!

  30. Those frames are perfect, just like we are watching a fireworks show! A great effect!

    And, I feel for you on your baby leaving the nest. I will be a mess, guaranteed. But, if it was going to happen, at least it's on such a positive note with a beautiful fiance waiting for him. Hugs!!!

  31. I've been terribly occupied these last weeks but i stopped by this morning to see what you've been up to - and i saw this post and had to say - hang in there sweetie. Congrats to your son :-) and as we know "this too shall pass" - we're happy for them but for us... well its mixed emotions. I'm thinking of you :-)


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