Tuesday, August 27, 2013

dynamic duos #67

The design team made such cute cards I just had to play along.

Hello! I woke up, made this quick card and told myself this is going to be a stay-in-the-craft-room-kind-of- day. I sorta started this while at Joyce’s, but never finished it. 

 I changed the way I store my paper, after seeing how Joyce: Cards-by-the-Sea stored hers, it was so easy and pleasant to use.
 I am 98% done. ( ran out of files)
I love it because… all the scraps of the same color , go in their proper file. Now I don’t have any papers stored on top of my desk its all in the large file drawer. Love it! 

I almost ran out and bought the portable one that Joyce has from the container store and realized my large drawers to either side of my chair could be used for files…saved myself 100$
I may change the way I did my tabs!

This stamp set is Latte Love Stamp Set from Papertrey Ink.


  1. CUTE CUTE card Marybeth!! Love the little cups all stacked up and those pretty white sequins. I'm off to Archivers tomorrow with my SIL, hope to find some sequins there! Have a great day and enjoy your crafting ;)

  2. This is a super card. Probably came together pretty quickly without all of us to distract you! So fun to see how you store your paper now. I am glad you switched--you will love this method. I use so many more scraps now that they are easy to find.

  3. LOVE the organization! I have one drawer like this for solids and one drawer like this for patterned. I, too, use WAY more scraps this way! LOVE your adorable and and LOVE those sequins!

  4. Beutiful card Marybeth, you take the nicest photos, your sequins always show. I love your new filing system, Joyce is super organized. Thank you for joining us at Dynamic Duos this week!

  5. Fantastic card for DD, Marybeth! And good job on the reorg! I store my family in paper drawers like that, too, and love it!! Hmmm. Maybe that should say I store my paper by color family in drawers like that, too?

  6. Cute card!! Thanks for sharing your new system. I hope it works better for you! :)

  7. I am so glad that I found you :) every single card that u create is an inspiration , this one is brilliant :)

  8. Love all the white with just the right amount of color! Great design too! Looks like a great way to organize your paper. And yeah for finding something you already have that works!

  9. Nice CAS look great colors- I love the paper storage idea that is how I stared out until it overflowed out of the draws

  10. Wonderful card Marybeth! Hooray for coffee! And I love your new storage system!

  11. Marybeth, I adore your card! I also love your paper storage! Fabulous!

  12. Neat and sweet! Have not used that stamp yet, you make me itch to give it a try. Nothing better than to actually find the color paper you need! Beautiful system. So much fun to see how others conquer the organization of their craft!

  13. lovely card and the colors are so simple and beautiful! that's a great way to store papers... i wish i had the patience for it!
    -Rachel w k

  14. Marybeth, this is just too cute! I love what you did with that fun stack of coffee/tea cups, just so fun. Perfect with the sequins too, love and my new set will be here Friday and I will be making a card just like this! I was so much fun getting to meet you and spend the day crafting, you are so sweet and kind and I am looking forward to next year.

  15. Love the sentiment you used, so cute! And the sequins are the perfect addition! Thanks for playing Dynamic Duos this week!

  16. Ain't that the truth! Love this stack of cups! I have my cardstock in a lateral file. My paper cutter and score boards fit perfectly on top.

  17. LOVE this Marybeth...
    this set was made for this challenge...
    and I'm still thinking I'm going to need this one...
    I do love my coffee! :)
    And how cool that you reorganized your paper...
    and while my system is a little different...
    you will love it because I definitely use all of my scraps now ...
    it's probably why I have enough paper to last through a zombie apocalypse! :)

  18. Great storage idea!
    I'll keep this one in mind!
    I'm not a real coffeedrinker, but I do love your PTI card! :-)


  19. I've been catching up on all of your posts. I'm so inspired by the many cards you've created...and you've created so many in the last week! I love your new paper storage system....I might have to adopt this one. :)


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