Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old Card Turned Into A Fast Birthday Card

Richard and Nicola

 First of all I cant wait to have my son home from college, three weeks . Love his girlfriend too , they have been dating over 4 years now, she will also be home .
 Nicola just lives down the street a few miles from us. Her family spent Thanksgiving with us, They moved here about 7 years ago from South Africa. We love her and her family!

I just wanted to post this card I had lying around, I doctored it up a bit and gave it to my Dad for his December Birthday. Just never got around to making one for him. Sorry Dad!
 I added the holly and the bit of glitter, 
" Dad" to the card, the ribbon was tied into a bow, so I cut that. Its simple but I kinda like it. 
I am working on my Christmas cards, goal is out by Friday.

The candy cane  candle was from ( I thought Cathy W. post but I could not find it) Someone made a red and green candle and said how easy it was to make and it was. I made it a while ago as soon as I saw it. SO SORRY I CANT FIND WHO MADE IT, please let me know if you know who did. Then I can give the credit due.  Thanks Cathy, for the Link  !Sherry Wright Candle

We have a visiting speaker at our church this week ( Parish mission) I thought this might be the best preparation for Christmas, for Me! It has been wonderful so far, just 4 nights. 
Thank you so much for your very kind comments, and stopping by.
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  1. What a nice card for your dad. And, I love that candle. It looks good enough to eat! Have fun with your son, and I'll see you next week. For real. In person. Live. Can't wait.

  2. The colors are great for a masculine card. Your candle is so beautiful. i like how you used the candy canes. Someone recently posted ones made with cinnamon sticks.

  3. This is gorgeous and how wonderful to have your son home for so long. I can imagine how much you miss him. I just sent you an email with the link to the candle-maker, wish it had been me, but it wasn't. Nice to know it is easy, I had the original pinned.

  4. There's nothing wrong with recycling--it's a great card! Such a pretty bow with those glittery trees. I love your candle, too!

  5. Such a beautiful couple! I love your card...great idea with the two trees. ;)

  6. Great job on your Dad's card. That candle is fabulous! I don't normally comment, simply because of time, but I do so love following your blog and seeing all your creations. They are always inspiring. I love that you mostly use PTI, as do I, so I always find something inspiring. Congrats on your newest grandchild and what a lovely family. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season!


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