Monday, January 20, 2014

A Chance To Win A Kit!

Want To Win A Kit?
 Renee is going to let one of you have a chance to win a Kit for the next month.

"Hello, Hello!
Renee here and since I am hostessing for February and am busy getting kits packaged and ready to hit the Post Office the last week of the month...
and though we honestly did not collaborate on the idea Sharron and I both thought of offering a kit for giveaway...
she's just way quicker than I am and also thought of having the winner guest with us too...
so I'm borrowing that idea and offering up another chance to be a guestie here with all of us in February!
The little graphic above should give you a clue as to the theme...
and if you would like to win your own kit and be our honored guest here on 12 Kits...
just leave a comment below telling us your favorite winter activity (if I could get away with it mine would be hibernating till spring because I don't like the cold so I guess instead my favorite activity would actually be complaining about the cold! *giggle*)before Saturday, January 25th at 11:59 CT and I'll announce the winner here on the 12 Kits blog Sunday January 26th!
Good luck and can't wait to see who's going to be joining us next month!"

If you are interested in winning a  Kit for next month, stop by  12 Kits Of Occasions Blog and leave your comment!


  1. helo Mary bethe
    your latest work is beautiful and so i thought i give my respons under this post.
    hope you are alright and i wish you a wonderful week.
    hugs to you.

  2. Fun idea! My favorite activity is throwing snowballs for my snow crazed pup to chase!!!

  3. since winter is making itself quite known in these parts - like with a vengeance - expecting snow tomorrow - i figured i need to give this kit thing a try :-) thanks for heads up missy!

  4. Oh how exciting! It's a toss up between baking and crafting. Delicious goodies indoors, making smores outdoors with the kids all bundled up. Just going to have to see about this kit idea, have loved all your projects! (Oops, that's really 3 things. )

  5. That's not hard at all, ha, ha, Winter is my favourite time of the year!!
    Love how nature's taking a long well earned sleep until Spring has sprung.
    Love the wind howling around the house and trees, sigh, but unfortunately winters in the Netherlands, are not as cold as I like them to be, :-).
    Great idea to offer a great kit like that and this opportunity to be a guestie!


  6. My favorite winter time activity is staying warm in my craft room creating!

  7. My favorite winter activity is stamping andmaking cards. It's the perfect activity since it's to cold to go outside! Right?

  8. Making cards and scrapbook layouts!!

  9. Marybeth what a great bright and vibrant card. Thanks to your SIL and all firefighters - we have many wonderful memories of Oakhurst and Bass Lake.


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