Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time Goes By So Fast!

Not sure if you can see , but I cut out another piece of the
 watch and added some foam tape to the back.

Hello, happy you stopped by.
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I used some old paper from my stash and my water spritzer.

Stamped image on the left is without spritzing with water. The one on the right is spritzed with water.
ink the stamp, spritz with water then stamp image.

 Remember when!

It seems like yesterday that my husband and I were at Disneyland with our young children, now children and grandchildren. We have been going a few times a month just the two of us. As much as I miss the kids and wish they were with us I do LOVE going alone with my husband.  It’s like before we were married and before we had our family.
 We were at Disneyland the other night and I  was thinking  how fast the time has gone by. In a FLASH! It made me kinda sad , I think when we are young we just don’t  have a clue how fast it will all go by. Cherish each day! 
Now life is full of beautiful grandchildren . 

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  1. I can't agree with you more about how time flies. This is such a pretty card, and I really like the effect of the water spritzing. It is a subtle difference, but gives the watch a bit more character.

  2. I just caught up...what a treat! Your tag is fabulous...so fun that Tracey is taking over and the new teammates will obviously be wonderful. Your Poppy Stamps cards were wonderful. I love that a you and your husband go to Disneyland together. I guess I didn't realize that where you live is that close to Disneyland. If we ever make it there I just might have to pay you a visit. Wouldn't that be fun? I think I'll end my night on that happy thought. :)

  3. I like the thought of the two of you being there together Marybeth, so sweet! Your card today reflects you thoughts and memories perfectly. Time sure does fly. Seems like only a moment ago that I was rocking my baby, now I'm rocking his ;)

  4. Memories...sounds like you have some wonderful ones that you created! Speaking of creating, this card is perfection! You have the gift of CAS, which we all know is not always simple to do!

  5. Marybeth your card is so beautiful and thank you for showing the two different stamping methods side by side - it's so subtle but makes a world of difference! When I started Serendipity my girls were 4 and 6 and constantly under foot, now they're in college and I miss them terribly.

  6. Clean and elegant Marybeth. Thanks for showing the spritzed and not - I've never played with this technique - you make it sound so simple - and the results are beautiful. I MUST try this. I love thinking of you and your DH at Disney having a good time.

  7. So wonderful to have the great memories, but able to enjoy today! Thanks for showing about misting the stamp. Very elegant card!

  8. Time does fly by! A great reminder to treasure each season! Love the pocket watch! Great depth.

  9. Such a beautiful card Marybeth! I think I like the spritzed one the best! That's so fun that you and your husband still go to Disneyland! It sure does go by fast these days!

  10. Oh how beautiful! And TRUE without a doubt! I've never been to Disneyland or World!! How sad is that?! Can I go with you? Huh, can I, can I, please?
    =] Michele

  11. Yes, I agree, time sure does fly! How fun for you and husband to go to Disneyland and enjoy! Your card is very lovely!

  12. I so so agree with you, I can remember my mother always telling my sister and me not to wish our lives away...and just for that very reason! What a elegant card and I love that time piece stamp, love the beautiful vintage look.

  13. Beautiful card and equally beautiful sentiment, Marybeth! How sweet that you & Oscar can share some special times at Disneyland--making new memories as you as reminded of old ones. Thanks for reminding us how precious each day is!


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