Friday, May 24, 2013

Lil Inkers Designs Sunny Days Challenge

I cant remember what I saved this tube from but knew I could fill it up with Martha 
Stewarts tiny beads for the pinwheel stick.

 Good morning! I made this card last night. When I saw 
 Sharron’s card with the pinwheel , I decided I had to play! I received my Stitched Mats: Squares  yesterday! 
A few weeks before that I received my  Stitched Mats:
 Rectangles and dont know what I did without them.  So I
 decided not to wait anymore and just get the squares.

 I am telling you …you can save so much paper! See the yellow paper…. well, there is a big hole in the middle, because I took a smaller square and cut it out.( now I have it for another project) Why waste the center no one can see that there is a big hole.
I didn't take pictures for this card but I did for one I made Here.

This is from another card. I cut out the center of the frame then place the white card on top , I still have a frame around the white and the cutout piece on top is saved for another project! It is so easy to do this with the rectangles and squares. It makes me happy to not waste paper. Maybe... most of you do this already , but I thought I would share for those of you who don't. 

Showing you the back side before I flip the front of the card over. 

The sentiment is from Serendipity Stamps Thanks Large 
Pinwheel and squares from Lil Inkers Design

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  1. Squeal!!! This pinwheel is SO CUTE and the beads...brilliant idea Marybeth! Very very cute card ;)

  2. Oh wow!!
    Is that dimensional or what!
    Great great card, very inspiring too. The pinwheel is gorgeous and I love the sequins (?) as well.

    And the stitched edges of these dies are something totally new to me, a real 'must have'I guess...:-)

    Bye from the Netherlands,


  3. What a fabulous pinwheel card! Love the colors Marybeth!!!! I know how you feel.....the stitched mats series sits at my die cut station all. the.TIME!! You will love what's coming to LID this summer!

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  5. I LOVE the stitched Rectangles and the squares are at the top of my wish list. Your card is very cute.

    AAAhhh! Amy is a tease, can't wait to see what is coming this summer to LID!! :)

  6. Marybeth, your pinwheel is so fun and very festive. I love the bright, yet soft colors of your card. I too love how those Lil Inker rectangles can save on paper and my new squares should be here soon too. Your sequins are a fabby little addition to your wonderful card.

  7. OMGosh those tiny beads in that tube are just PERFECT for your card and I LOVE your idea on the squares and saving paper! Your pinwheel is absolutely FABULOUS, Marybeth! LOVE this card!

  8. adorable card!! great paper saving tip!

  9. Absolutely love that pinwheel...
    that stick with the tiny beads...
    I die!!
    And NO!
    I never thought to save paper by doing that...
    And it'll help keep the weight down on layered cards...
    brilliant tip! :)

  10. I love that pinwheel - great papers, and the tiny beads are a wonderful detail. Thanks for the tip, I only do that once in a while, but it would be easy with dies. Beautiful card!

  11. Oh, I'm so glad you were able to play and those squares are awesome! That swirly background paper is perfect to go with your pinwheel. And the tube with tiny beads is just the coolest idea! Thanks for your tip about saving paper too--never thought of that--great idea!

  12. This card is fabulous. That blue and white background paper is perfect for giving your pinwheel 'action'. And your use of sequins is the best I've seen; they never look like an after-thought.

    What a joy it is to see your work. Pretty soon you will be on several design teams. Wish I had the time to comment on all your lovely creations, but know that I'm enjoying every one of them. You are a true artist.

  13. This card is just darling. Like a breath of summer fun. I do not know what I did without the stitched squares and rectangles either. And, thank you so much for that brilliant tip to cut the middle out. Why did I never think of that?

  14. This pinwheel card is just gorgeous Marybeth and thank you for pointing me in the direction of stitched mats. Love them. I have been 'gutting' card for a long time to preserve my stock of precious PTI card but I just use a craft knife and a ruler.

  15. I love your pin wheel, and the pastel colours on your card!

  16. What a wonderful pinwheel and the tube with the micro beads is really special!

  17. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous pinwheel card! I really love what you have to say here about saving paper using this die set! I am going to post this on the Lil' Inker Designs Facebook page! What a terrific concept!
    Thank you so much for playing along at the Sunny Days Challenge!
    Lil' Inker Designs

  18. Great tip for saving paper and keeping the bulk down on a card :) And oh what a lovely card! The placement of the sequins really gives the impression of movement of the pinwheel. Thanks for joining in the fun with Lil' Inker Designs :)

  19. Such a superb idea/tip for the saving of cardstock - one to remember! Love your pinwheel - so bright and fun, and the sequins and patterned paper combo really help convey the feeling of movement! An awesome card Marybeth! Thanks for playing along with our Challenge over at Lil' Inker Designs! :-)

  20. Wowzers! I love the idea of the little straw with microbeads in it! So much fun!! Funny to see that someone else cuts the center of the matting out...I'm a hippie, I love saving paper! lol Thanks for joining us for the Lil' Inker Designs challenge :)

  21. SO, so cute! LOVE that pinwheel! And the more I see of these stitched mats from Lil' Inkers, the more I want them.

  22. Hi Marybeth!

    I love the pop of red on this card - the sentiment really shines along with the pinwheel, one of the best dies ever!

  23. Hi Marybeth!!!!
    I can't get enough of these stitched squares and rectangles! This is such a fabulous card and certainly let's those stitches shine! The pinwheel was a perfect addition!!!

  24. Loving the easy, breezy feel to this card, Marybeth! The sequins are such a good fit too.

    When I used to scrapbook (larger canvas) I used to cut all the middles out manually. Then I started going wild and leaving them all in. I won't go back to manually cutting them out anymore, but dies like this really make sense to do that way. Plus then you have a ready stack of supplies to tap into. Thanks for the tip!


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