Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NBUS and a Chance to Win Two Dies

 Hello! I am playing along in Darnell’s NBUS Challenge. 
 Dave at Poppystamps is giving away two dies for Darnell’s  NBUS Challenge. 
Head on over to the Poppystamps BLOG  for details. 


  1. Hello Marybeth :)
    Love what you've done with this card... and what a lovely way to highlight Darnell's challenge to boo(t)!!!
    Wiggly eyes (yay)!!!

  2. Ohh, going over to look right now.

  3. OH I'm running... not because you scared me though... because I can't wait to see the whole card!

  4. My dear friend, with travel and work in triple doses of late..wait, make that quadruple doses...I've fallen TWELVE posts behind! All your dazzling delights have been gazed at, admired, oohed and ahhed over, so hopefully my awe at your creativity found its way to you. I'm going to start afresh and strive to stay caught up! Fingers crossed! I've dashed over to see your fabulous swirly bat card with the gorgeous purple birch background. Swoon (I never thought I'd be swooning over a bat, but you've given me no option *grin*) So incredibly pretty and classy! Love it oodles!

  5. Thank you for a "visit" and your kind words! Love this card! (and all your others!) Very cool! I now want to make halloween cards! The last blog I visited, I was feeling bad that I'm not doing Christmas yet! So this make me happy! Love purple and black! You have inspired! And you have inspired me to dig out my Ziggy markers! Thank you! Have a great week! :)

  6. Just let me get some sneakers on and then I'll dash right over there!!

  7. I've been over and came right back, Marybeth, to let you know I've never seen such a lovely bat ... or boo! Hugs, Anita :)

  8. This is sooooooooooo adorable :)


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