Saturday, October 29, 2011

Different Color Ribbon, For Different Kinds Of Cancer!

Am I the only one who did not know there is a different color ribbon for each kind of cancer? 
I know pink is for breast cancer, but I kinda thought is was a symbol for women with cancer. My
sister who was a few years younger than me died from lung cancer that spread to her bones and 
throughout her whole body. You think I would have known. My 22 yr. old son even knew .
 So I found a link that gives you the color of each ribbon, for each cancer. 
I just hope you don't even need it! I almost feel like I shouldn't tell anyone I did not know. 
I used all Papertrey Ink products ,but the embossing folder is from Stampin Up


  1. This is a beautiful card. Thanks for posting the link for the colors. I found that out on the PTI forum. A while back someone posted all the different colors and their meanings.

  2. Great card. Love the glitter on the ribbon. Thanks for the information.

  3. Beautiful card with all the sparkle and I didn't know about the colors either! I just thought all the ribbons were pink.

  4. Your card is so beautiful and moving. I love how you used the die to cut out a window!

  5. So beautiful. Both you and the card. I did know that each had its own color, but I didn't know what color went with which cancer. Thanks for the informative link.


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