Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Make It Monday & Some Baby Booties

I loved Laura’s tip about putting the dash for the j in the right place. You will have to watch the video to see what she did.

This is what my stencil looked like as I added versa mark . I taped the center down with tape

A few photos of  baby booties I have made and not posted yet. 

 Non stamping related .
Last few days have been very busy!  One of my daughters dog sprained his shoulder. It’s a Labradoodle , large dog. She took it to the vet and the vest gave her some pain medicine. All six kids did everything they could do to make Duke comfortable held his food  and water up to him so he would not have to bend down. A few days later he was getting sick, she took him back to the vet a blood test reviled he had kidney failure!!! Its a very rare side affect! They kept him at the vet and he was given IV fluids for days, then sent home.  Her husband ( fireman ) back to work for 3 days... 

Something told me to go down for a visit and see how everyone was . This has been very hard on the family . He had not moved or eaten anything I told her it was time.... Oh that was hard to do. The vet agreed. They offered to pay for most of the cost . HMMMM! Then the kids came home from school. Oh boy that was hard, I tried to get the kids to think of their other dog and how much he was going to miss his best buddy and that they would need to be there for him.  ( because he doesn’t understand  like they do) That seemed to take the attention away from themselves and back to their other dog. 

I wish you could have all seen the way my granddaughter with down syndrome handled it.... it was priceless .... the short of it is the way she went up to her older sister (Emma) and kissed her and said how sorry she was that Emma was sad ... but that Duke was up in heaven and very happy it was just that simple to her. She was concerned for everyone else. That’s my Delaney!
Back to stamping All products I used were from Papertrey Ink.

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Prayers for our country tomorrow!


  1. Marybeth, what a heart warming and yet so sad story. I have grieved over too many four legged family members and it is hard to get over it. your Delaney sounds like she has been touched by the Jesus gene...!! What a precious gift you have been given through her! Beautiful card too!!

  2. Marybeth I'm so SORRY to hear this about your daughter's dog. I'll bet she was relieved to see you at her door. Sounds like you helped the kids at a difficult time. Delaney sounds like such a precious little girl. ON a happier note, your projects today are delightful!! LOVE the way your wreath turned out. And just do't get me started on the booties...SO SWEET!!!
    Sending a hug your way my friend ;)

  3. Marybeth, you broke my heart with your story. Our dogs become such an important member of our family and it can be so shattering to loose a family member. When you mentioned your granddaughter who has down syndrome it made me think of my daughter. Elysha has down syndrome and is deaf. She has a companion dog from the guide dog associate and he (jake) has taken over all our hearts. I cannot image life without him here and sometimes I worry so about how she will cope when he is gone. What you have said about your granddaughter is so wonderful. I hope the other children all cope as well.

  4. Oh sweetie! It's hard to lose someone (human or animal friend) who is loved so much. Delaney's response is so perfect. She's got the exact right idea.
    Your card is beautiful, and the booties are precious too. There's a very lucky baby or two out there just waiting for these. Have a great day. Bev

  5. So very sorry to hear about Duke, but absolutely loved Delaney's reaction...what a joy she must be to your family! Your tag is absolutely beautiful, and those booties are just too sweet! I have the dies and haven't even used them yet! But now that I have a granddaughter, I think Christmas will be a perfect time to present her with a pair, as hopefully her feet will be big enough by then so they don't fall off! :0)

  6. I love your ornament and those booties are just too cute. I love them all!

  7. So sorry for your daughter's family losing their precious Duke. What a gift for them to have you as their grandma.
    Your tag and those booties are just too cute. Beautiful....

  8. Read to the very end of your sweet post, nearly in tears... till the end, then laughed! Simply stated, priceless words from the sweetest!
    Those booties need to boxed and sold in some high end boutique. And that tag is so lovely! Perfect bow treatment up top too! Blessings grandma!

  9. I love her, I love her! :)
    You know I would steal her from you in a moment if I could. my Hunter...just understands love and happiness...
    and they don't get bogged down in their own grief...
    they see things in ways we don't but should.
    Sending hugs!
    And now...
    Love that tag...
    and precious booties!
    I gotta get to work on some...
    there's some new mama's at church...
    and more coming! :)

  10. That is so sad about Duke. It's always hard to lose a pet. I love your tag. I never thought to use that die for a stencil. Thanks for the idea.

  11. Love the tag and the booties! So sorry about your granddog! And again I say that Delaney is one of God's special chosen. What perception!

  12. The booties are so adorable. Sorry to hear about the dog, it is so hard to lose them as they are part of your family. Love the card.

  13. Oh, my goodness! Yes, it's so very sad when we lose a family pet! Hugs and prayers to them for the loss of their deer dog! Your card is so lovely with the wreath stencil and the booties are just too CUTE!

  14. Sheesh...I can't spell...I meant dear dog! Take care, hugs!

  15. Losing a pet is always so hard! And I'm sure your daughter was happy to have you there at such a stressful time. Delaney's reaction was just precious! Loved hearing how she was able to accept the situation and try to help the others feel better. She must be such a joy! Great job on your tag and the booties are SO adorable!

  16. Oh, Marybeth, I am so sorry to hear about your family's dog. How very sad. Now that I am a dog lover, I think I can come closer to understanding just how hard it must be to lose a pet like that. Your granddaughter sounds precious and wise. Love the booties, too.

  17. Made me cry--just not fair. How wonderful that you were there. I love your tag--the wreath was a great choice.

  18. It is sad to loose a pet :( ur granddaughter is such a precious child :) loved the projects you shared !

  19. Marybeth, so sorry to be behind and not see this post. I am so so sorry for your daughter's family. Delaney sounds like such a sweet little angel. You are so blessed and I am sure they were so happy to have your there with them during this difficult time.
    Your tag is amazing and those booties are about as cute as can be. I love them!


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